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Don has been a network news cameraman, video editor and producer since 1982. Prior to that he worked in local television news as an anchor, award-winning journalist, cameraman and as an editor in both film and video going back to 1971. In the 60's, prior to serving his country in Vietnam (1969), he was a Rock 'n Roll disc jockey.


That's Don with the camera next to Tom Brokaw. It was 1985 and Mexico City had been hit by two earthquakes. Don was called to cover the first earthquake and was there to experience the second. He was assigned to Tom and they were being given a walking tour of the devestation by the president of Mexico.

That's Don at the top of this page standing in front of one of the heavily damaged buildings.

Below, Don is aboard Air Force II in 1984 doing sound for cameraman Lou Kidd.


That's Phil Jones of CBS News interviewing George H.W. Bush. This was about 20 minutes before AFII went into a power dive to avoid a mid-air collision with a single-engine aircraft.

Don has shot countless stories for major network broadcasts over the years. He's proficient as an editor on Final Cut Pro X and proficient in compositing using Apple Motion. As a freelance editor for NBC News, ABC News and CBS News in New York working out of their Dallas bureaus Don has cut hundreds of stories on Avids for network shows such as NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, Dateline, 60 Minutes, ABC's World News tonight and CBS Evening News.


In addition to shooting and editing, Don is an award-winning journalist who works as a freelance field producer for NBC Nightly News, The Today Show and ABC's Good Morning America. Don continues to work in radio as well.